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In the case you request your police recorts, you could obtain it doing the following:

a) If you have a Passport or DNI from the Federal Police of the Republic of Argentina (expired or not) you must present yourself in the consulate so they could send the request to the Federal Police. The police record document may arrive in a period of 45 days.

b) If you never had the mentioned documentation, you must present yourself personally in the Consulate along your DNI in order to get your finger prints to be sent to the Federal Police in the Republic of Argentina so you record is created. This process could take up to several months upon completion.

c) You could also request your police record to be presented in the National Registry of Reincidence (RNR) that is connected with the Ministry of Justice, with its main offices in the city of Buenos Aires and representations in several other cities within the country.

In order to complete your police record, you must present yourself in the Consulate where you will get your finger prints taken in a special form that will be sent alongside a special form that will be sent to the Federal Police. You will also be given a Code Number that will allow you to print your police records online anytime within 3 months. For further information about Police Records or the National Registry you may click here

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